About us

OUR GOAL is to become the pioneering travel operator in Spain of a new travel concept; not only because of the entire disposition of a specialized team that we analyse, we study and develop all the areas that bring greater satisfaction and happiness to the traveller; but also because we are one of the first travel agencies specialized in developing this new concept of tourism based on the total fulfilment of the needs of this group.

In addition, at Peregrinter Viajes we are committed to the development and realization of different social actions, with which we can help the most needy collectives of our society.

In short: Peregrinter Viajes is your travel operator whose raison d’être is to improve the quality of the trips that pursue an exclusive experience.

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Choose your own Transportation

We offer all kinds of transport, airplane, train, boat, bus, rental cars,…

Accommodation for all tastes

Your stay in any type of accommodation, individual or for groups. Hotels, hostels, cottages, camping,…

New experiences for users

Accept our proposals. We will seek for you the best way to enjoy your trip with new experiences and sensations.