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Perhaps I am the one who has made the most pilgrimage with this enterprise because it is the home parish on Samuel’s maternal side the Director.

I have been a parish priest for 16 years and we have always liked to prepare some annual pilgrimage trip at parish level. First I prepared them, then Samuel helped me almost since he was a child, then he began to study tourism at the University of Alcalá, and now I can say that I handed over to him a few years ago and you don’t know the peace that it is that instead of worrying you, you’ve got it done for you.

We have been in many trips organised by him, I remember Fatima, Lourdes, Covadonga, Santiago, Caravaca de la Cruz, El Pilar, El Rocío, Rome (Italy), in Fatima and Lourdes I think that we have already repeated twice and this year we had a trip prepared to the Holy Land that has been suspended by the pandemic.

I like the whole pilgrimage but, as far as I am concerned, I would highlight the organization of the Eucharist and liturgical acts that can be celebrated and presided in the most emblematic places, Grotto of Lourdes, Capelhina of Fatima, Santiago, Covadonga in the same cave, on the high altar of El Rocío, etc.

The hotels are most of them 4 stars with a location close to the places to visit. you can eat very well and taste meals, wines, typical things from places like Parmesan cheese from Italy that we saw how was made. Meals are usually livened up with local live music.

I forgot that, in Italy, I presided at Mass at Castel Gandolfo with the chasuble worn by Saint John Paul II and inside the Vatican at the Altar of Saint John XXIII.

Samuel is always looking for everything to develop according to the plan of schedules, celebrations, meals, etc.

People come back very happy because we spent a few days, in addition to everything we learn, like in real family by the environment we created.

Willing and encouraged to continue traveling in the future with this company for how well it goes with us.

I recommend it at least try and you’ll see how you won’t regret it.

Emilio Perona

D. Emilio Perona Sánchez | Priest of Villanueva de Alcardete (Toledo)

We thank and remember with great affection the great service rendered by this agency of pilgrimages to the parish of Quintanar de la Orden in the pilgrimages organized to La Rioja and its monasteries and to the Ages of the Man of Lerma.

We enjoyed good organization, affection and good service, meals and accommodation, as well as transportation and refined sensitivity to the religious theme.

Thanks a thousand

José Antonio Escobar Cano, priest

D. José Antonio Escobar Cano | Priest of Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo)

My name is Juan Ignacio and I am parish priest of Cebola and Montearagón, two villages in the province of Toledo near Talavera de la Reina.

Last November we visited Almonte and Palos de la Frontera with the purpose of reaching the jubilee granted on the occasion of the transfer of Our Lady of Orvalho to the parish of Almonte and to get to know some Columbian places.

We met Peregrinter travels thanks to Samuel, his director, who resulted in a great companion in our pilgrimage, attentive to all the details and willing to solve the problems that might arise.

What pleased me the most about the pilgrimage was that the experience of faith prevailed. We also followed a program that adjusted to our concerns. I would highlight the proximity of the guide who illustrated our path with his explanations. In this way, we were able to visit Bollullos Par de Condado, Almonte, El Rocío and Palos de la Frontera.

After the wonderful experience we would go on pilgrimage again with Peregrinter. It is a very recommendable experience. The pilgrims from our parishes were very pleased. When next?

Juan Ignacio

D. Juan Ignacio López Serrano | Priest of Cebolla and Montearagón (Toledo)

My name is Angel Marco. I am the parish priest of Fuensalida, a town located near Toledo. On March 12 and 13 we organize a pilgrimage from the parish to the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Pilar in Zaragoza, including a guided tour of the cathedral and the town of Albarracín in Teruel, and a visit to Daroca, the town where it is venerated. the miracle of the Sacred Corporals in the Collegiate Church, where we celebrate Mass. Arrived in Zaragoza, and installed in a central hotel, we visited the Basilica of Santa Engracia, where we were received by the parish priest D. Santiago, explaining this Sanctuary where the martyrs of Roman times are venerated.
The next day we went to the Basilica del Pilar where we participated in the Eucharist. After visiting the Basilica, we went on to the Cathedral of La Seo, wonderfully restored a few years ago and where we were also able to visit the tapestry museum. We then went on to visit the Crystal Rosary Museum in the old church of the Sacred Heart and the Roman theater. We left a bit of free time, in which they wanted to go up to the Pilar tower to contemplate an aerial view of Zaragoza. After lunch at the hotel, we went to the Monasterio de Piedra, where each one walked and contemplated what he could of the old monastery and the landscape that one does not expect to find there. After the tour, we returned to Fuensalida.
All this tour was prepared with time by continually talking with Samuel from Peregrinter Travel. This dialogue is very important so that in the end all aspects of the pilgrimage come out well: the human and the spiritual. At this time when the fear of going out is still present, this dialogue is even more necessary. Samuel also accompanied us during the two days, taking charge of preparing the ground for each of the planned visits.
In the organizational aspect, everything went according to plan and, in addition, the good weather accompanied us throughout the tour. I hope that Samuel will find a place for himself in this world of pilgrimages that can help Christians so much in their experience of faith and Church.

D. Ángel Marco Rivera | Priest of Fuensalida (Toledo)