Two spanish destinations included on the New York Times list

As the pandemic impedes international travel, the New York Times decided to change the format of its annual round-up of holiday destinations. Instead of encouraging their readers to travel the world, they chose 52 entries from 2000 reader submissions after issuing a request for places to “love” in 2021 instead of planning to physically visit them.

Two Spanish destinations are on the list of places that matter to readers in their lifetimes and can serve as hopeful travel plans when the pandemic situation improves and we can embark on holiday again.


Córdoba, Andalusia

The reader who suggested Cordoba’s magnificent city writes that “you can touch history in this ancient city”, and anyone who has visited it will surely agree with them. Located in Andalusia, the city’s beautiful old town is arguably one of Spain’s most charming.

History buffs will find a treasure trove of heritage as the city dated back to Roman times and served as an important cultural centre during the Iberian Peninsula’s Islamic rule. The world-famous Mezquita is one of southern Spain’s most impressive architectural attractions. This stunning multi-arched mosque is among the finest examples of Muslim architecture on Earth.

For those more interested in enjoying the present than appreciating the past, Cordoba has a vibrant social scene that offers visitors the opportunity to feast on inexpensive Andalusian tapas in the city’s lively bars and cafes.

Camino de Santiago

A New York Times reader describes this ancient pilgrimage route from Galicia to northern Spain as a place “more about the self than the selfie”. For centuries, people of all forms of faith and spirituality have sought reflection and solace along its winding route through the magnificent scenery of Spain’s little-explored northern regions.

Hiking and cycling enthusiasts will indeed be in heaven on this ancient religious trail, as its well-established routes are among the best in Spain. Even those with no enthusiasm for outdoor activities will gain valuable experience. Many will spend a month free from technology and the modern world walking its peaceful and inspiring route.

Perhaps this destination is suitable for those in need of relief and introspection after the turbulent year 2020 and the seldom frightening events of our fast-paced modern world.